Jamaica Independence Day Celebration w/Dubistry Ska Band

Montclair: Jamaica Independence Day Celebration w/Dubistry Ska Band is happening at Montclair Brewery

Denise from Montclair Brewery said on Friday, August 16 from 07:30 pm to 09:30 pm

Montclair Brewery celebrates Jamaica’s Independence from Great Britain in 1962. Come listen to ska band – Dubistry, comprised of veterans of the New York City ska and reggae scene, the Boston funk scene and East Coast soul, Dubistry draws on reggae, punk and jazz, combining club music and art music, island sounds and city streets, into brash, warm songs that could fuel a dance party or a revolution. The combinations feel organic and fresh, yet never too far from ska’s Jamaican musical roots.

Get Caribbean bites at the food truck out back or any food at the nearby restaurants and bring it in to the tap room and enjoy over a wide selection of craft beer and non-alcoholic craft drinks. In honor of this holiday Montclair Brewery plans to release a new Mango IPA and bring back its Irish Moss Stout Shake among other favorites such as the Hibiscus Dream ale and the Golden Buddha Passion Fruit ale. For those that don’t partake in alcohol the Brewery will offer its Special Jamaican Sorrel, Pineapple Ginger Beer, Cranetown Limeade and other craft non-alcoholic drinks.

Don’t miss this one-time special event. Come out & celebrate Jamaica, Irie Style- Yeah Mon!

Side note: If it wasn’t for Jamaica’s independence, brewery co-owner Denise, may not have made it to the U.S. in her mother’s womb, years later; she may not have met head brewer & co-owner, Leo, 30 years afterwards, and Montclair Brewery may not have been born- a true reason for celebrating!

More information can be found at at this link. Montclair Brewery offers NJCB Members 10% off craft beer at 101 Walnut Street, Montclair.

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