Jersey Shore Chapter of the BCCA shows coming up

Come to the next Jersey Shore Chapter of the BCCA Shows! Here are details including the bottle share at the event! You’ll find me (Mike) at the JSC shows! I normally have Memberships, shirts and other swag for sale as well! Here’s more.

The JSC of the BCCA are a great group of beer collectors. We collect every sort of beer related item. In the flyer below, you’ll see that we’re open from 830am until 230pm on Sunday October 11 in Milltown (Middlesex Co).

We’ll have a bottle share for the first time. Here’s the sheet to enter what you’ll be bringing and we’re limiting your bottles to 3.

It’s $5 to enter the day of the event and you’ll be able to sample some beers from Ramstein and more. Food is available with cash. Come early and hang out, it’s a great time. Most of the JSC guys/girls are NJCB Members including the new President of the BCCA, Al!

Follow along on the Facebook event for more details. Here are some of the breweries to be featured with your entrance fee.

  • 2 kegs of Ramstein beers
  • River Horse
  • Old Forge
  • Rogue
  • Baxter Brewing
  • homebrews
  • and various other breweries



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