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Colby sent us this information for two jobs available at 902 Brewing.

About 902 Brewing Co.
We (kind of) opened our doors in June of 2020 in Jersey City, NJ. We are working hard to craft delicious, high quality beer and deliver a top notch on-premise experience to our customers. We are a growing team that’s looking to add quality personnel to grow with us.

This role is a hybrid, with the intention of eventually becoming either a full time assistant brewer or full time delivery driver. You will spend on average 50% of your work week between tasks. Some weeks it will be 60/40, others 40/60. It is a dynamic environment.

P/T Cellarperson
Work under the supervision of the head brewer to assist in all aspects of fermentation operations. These include:

Monitor fermentation & conditioning of the beer.
Sanitary assembly of process parts (hoses, tri clamps, gaskets, etc…)
Tank dumping, evacuation, and CO2 venting.
CIP (Clean In Place) of Brewhouse/ Fermentation vessels.
Preparing, using, and checking concentration of chemical solutions.
Keg cleaning, sanitizing, and filling.
General cleaning of stainless steel tanks surfaces and exteriors.
General cleaning/organizing of brewing area, floors, drains, etc…
Preparing ingredients for brewing operations.

P/T Driver:

Deliver products and pick up returns from various accounts while maintaining top notch customer services. Keep detailed records of all delivery discrepancies and contact manager for all other issues.
Essential Job Functions:
Drive delivery van to various accounts to deliver product
Use of a hand truck to transport product.
Pick up all returns (Cooperage/Product)
Maintain accurate records of deliveries.
Be awesome to all customers.
Assist with various assigned warehouse duties as needed

Apply by emailing Colby at colby (-at-) 902brewing (-dot-) com

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