Job: Brewer’s Assistant for Lion’s Roar brewing

Westfield: Lion’s Roar is looking for a brewing assistant. Here’s the job posting.

Necessary Skills and Qualifications

Must have early morning availability on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays

Ability to lift 50 pounds and reposition kegs (up to 165 pounds) as needed

Team player, ability to work with the lead brewer to further company goals

Excellent verbal communication skills

Superior knowledge of the beer industry, including flavors, brewery technology, and ingredients


Packaging beverages with appropriate labels (I.E Keg collars)

Running tests on products to detect inconsistent or contaminated batches

Keeping track of inventory and alerting appropriate parties when running low on raw materials

Assisting with prep work, including milling, mashing, boiling, transferring, and cooling

Racking beer from fermenters to tanks

Keeping the facility clean and functional

Cleaning and maintaining brewing equipment and accessories

Performs keg cleaning and full reassembling process

Support basic equipment maintenance

Participating in beer tasting to monitor quality and consistency

Labeling bottles, kegs, and containers appropriately

Completing accurate paperwork as needed

Working with the head/lead brewer to make adjustments to daily operations

To apply, please send your resume to and introduce yourself and what position you’re applying for!

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