John Holl’s Beer Camp beer, The Transporter, at Gaslight!

Our friend and beer journalist John Holl recently went to Sierra Nevada’s Beer Camp and brewed Transporter.  It’s schedule to be tapped at the Gaslight Brewery on May 31 at 7PM.  Stop in and enjoy other SN beers along with the Gaslight Brewpub’s own beers.  More details as they arrive but DJ from Gaslight sent the following.

We will have the following Sierra Nevada on Tap



Southern Hemisphere


We should still have all the following House Beers on tap as well

Bulldog Blonde

Bison Brown Ale

Perfect Stout

Big Dog Porter

B.A. Massive


Enkel Biter

Abbey Normal


The B.A. Massive & the Eliminator are getting a little bit low but should still be around. I’ll let you know if anything changes with that.

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