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Brett Bottle Release: This Saturday, November 16th we will be releasing two new 750ml bottles. The first is Sea Change, a 4.4% ABV 100% Brettanomyces fermented Pale Ale. This beer underwent primary fermentation with a custom blend of three strains of Brett for over six months to develop its complex mix of pineapple and citrus flavors. Citra and Mosaic dry hops add to the tropical fruit aroma developed by the Brett.

The second bottle is Apiary Brett. This is our farm house Saison made with local honey that we bottle conditioned with a different Brett strain. The secondary fermentation in the bottle adds the type of flavors and aromas you would expect from Brett—rustic, tart, barnyard-style funk—and will continue to develop over time.

Although both beers use Brett, the differences in the strains and the way they are used create vastly different results.

This is a brewery only release but we have 75 cases of each bottle. They are $14 a bottle and there will be a four bottle limit person on the first day of release. We are planning to post more information about each beer later in the week.


Check out Kane Brewing Company on Facebook and the Kane Brewing Company blog/site as well.  Kane’s Brewery and Tasting Room is at 1750 Bloomsbury Ave, Ocean.  Off Route 35 behind the Wegman’s shopping center.  Tons of parking and very easy to find!

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