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kane brewing company

After speaking to Michael Kane, the man behind Kane Brewing Company a few weeks back, I wanted to let you know a bit about the soon-to-open brewery.  Ocean Township has a rich brewing history with the now closed Heavyweight Brewing.  Kane is opening his brewery a few minutes from where Heavyweight was and his focus is going to be Belgian and American style ales.  He is going to self-distribute in Monmouth and Ocean Counties and only be available in kegs (1/2 barrels and sixtels).  Kane told me he’s been homebrewing a long time and left NYC to get to a place where he could follow his passion.

I’m pretty excited to check out Michael Kane’s goodies as soon as they’re available.  According to Facebook yesterday, the equipment is being packed up in Canada and will be shipped, I’m assuming shortly.   You can follow the progress on Facebook and the Kane Brewing Company blog/site as well.

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4 thoughts on “Kane Brewing Co quick intro”

  1. where are your sixtels available? You have an amazing head high ale that is so full of flavor that I would love to get a sixtel. We live in upstate NY. Do you plan on expanding your distribution locations?

    All-a truly amazing beer!!!

    1. We do not sell their beer. You can find it all over the north part of the state at this point and can buy sixtels from liquor stores that sell growlers. Call the local places, Kane Brewing, etc and ask around. That's your best bet at this point.

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