Kane Brewing Company announces a new head brewer

kane brewing company

From Kane Brewing Company’s website

We are extremely excited to announce that Clayton Brackley will be joining Kane Brewing Company next week as our Head Brewer. Clay is a native of Reno, NV, but comes to us most recently from Downingtown, PA, where he was a brewer at Victory Brewing Company.
We couldn’t be happier that he decided to take a chance and leave one of the largest, most well-respected craft breweries in the country to join our little project.  Although he’s not starting officially until next week, he sent ahead an introduction and brief biography:

Clay is excited to bring his take on craft beer to Jersey, as he states on Kane’s website.  You can read all about it over there.  So Kane’s starting to take shape.  Tanks are in and being installed, their merchandise is arriving like their hats and it’s all progressing.  I’m excited to have another brewery in Jersey.

You can follow the progress on Facebook and the Kane Brewing Company blog/site as well.

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  1. Looking forward to the interesting beers that Kane and Brackley will produce together. For those of you who like big west coast style IPA’s and Belgians, Kane Brewing will be one of your new favorite east coast breweries.

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