Kane Brewing Company pictures and some info

I spent time talking to Michael Kane and Clayton Brackley at the brewery with PJ (Monmouth Co Reporter) and Aaron (Bergen Co Reporter) and Aaron shot a bunch of awesome pictures. We chatted about the future, beer, Kane’s goals and of course tried the delicious beers. Kane is currently on tap in some of the following locations and more to follow. Nip-n-Tuck, Maloney’s, Twin Light Taphouse, Barcade Jersey City, Brickwall Tavern, Buffalo Wild Wings Eatontown and Cranbury BuyRite all have kegs delivered.

Kane Brewing Company has so much info on their blog right now that there’s really no reason to repost it, so check that out, but I can tell you the brewery is beautiful. It’s clean, bright and pieced together with so much sweat and energy. Clay’s first few batches are amazing. We were able to sample all three beers they currently have. You will also notice a small hand bottling line. There was plenty of talk of some rare bottles eventually. I also got a sneak peak into the fermenter homebrew fridge. There’s some funky brown looking awesome seasonal experiment inside currently. OK, check out the pictures!

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