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We were recently sent this information from Kane for this Saturday. If you are going, be sure to find the other #NJCBMembers that will be there. I’m sure they’ll be there in the hundreds. I’ve already been told that they are expecting hundreds of you during the day!

On Saturday, September 20th we will be celebrating our Third Anniversary at the brewery during our normal tour and tasting hours of 12-5pm. In honor of this occasion we will have some special beers on tap for sampling.

Specialty Draft List:
1. One Thousand Ninety-Five – Our Third Anniversary Ale, a blend of several barrel aged Belgian-style dark ales
2. A Night to End All Dawns – 2014
3. Apiary Brett – 2013
4. Sea Change -2013
5. Bourbon Barrel Aged Quad
6. Civil Twilight (variant TBD)
7. A Night to End All Dawns Coffee 2014
8. Wine Barrel Aged Quad
9. Heirloom
10. Apiary -2014

Regular Draft List:
1. Head High
2. Overhead
3. Ripple
4. Single Fin
5. Nom de Plume
6. Galaxy Head High
7. Sunday Brunch

Saturday September 20th we will be celebrating our Third Anniversary at the brewery. In addition to a special draft list previously posted, we will be releasing three 750ml bottles, all closely tied to our our first three years.

One Thousand Ninety-Five is a blend of bourbon barrel aged Belgian-style dark ales, including the barrel aged versions of our previous anniversary releases. For the first time this year, our anniversary beer contains 100% barrel aged beers.

We will also be releasing the bourbon barrel aged versions of our first and second anniversary ales, 365 and 730, in limited quantities. For more information on all three of these beers, please read our blog:


In total we have over 2500 bottles available, most of which are One Thousand Ninety-Five, with more limited quantities of Barrel Aged 365 and Barrel Aged 730 available. Pricing and initial bottle limits are listed below.

One Thousand Ninety-Five: $16, 4 bottles per person
Barrel Aged 730: $16, 2 bottles per person
Barrel Aged 365: $18, 2 bottles per person

We apologize for the short notice, but we have been working very hard to make sure everything would be ready before making an announcement (we are still bottling, capping, labeling and waxing as we post this).


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