Kelly Green Bottle Release – Adit

Pitman: Bottle Release – Adit is happening at Kelly Green Brewing Co.

Ed from Kelly Green Brewing Co. said on Saturday, April 29 from 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm

This Saturday April 29th @ 12pm we will be releasing bottles of Adit, a barrel fermented mixed culture Saison. Adit is brewed with wheat & rye, then fermented & aged in red wine barrels from Amalthea Cellars with our house mixed culture. Once mature, the beer was packaged in 750ml green bottles and laid down for a number of weeks to allow for a natural bottle refermentation to occur. We are super excited about how this dry, effervescent, and acidic beer is tasting and can’t wait to share them with everyone.
**Please join us at the brewery when we open Saturday April 29th @ 12pm where we will put 250 bottles up for sale. **750ml bottles @ $18/bottle ~ 4 bottles/person limit.**

More information can be found at $2 off 64 oz growler fills, $1 off 32 oz growler fills & 10% off merchandise for NJCB Members at 154 South Broadway, Pitman.

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