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Somerdale: Kickstart Armageddon Brewing is happening at Armageddon Brewing LLC

Christian from Armageddon Brewing LLC said on Wednesday, November 1 from to

SOMERDALE – Something exciting is brewing in New Jersey – finally. It’s been nearly 6 years since the founders of Armageddon Brewing began making quality craft ciders and meads for themselves and friends, and now thanks to a change in state law they helped initiate, they can bring it to the masses.

Up until May of this year, making cider in New Jersey was almost impossible, with a very restrictive allowance granted through a winery license, and making mead (the oldest fermented beverage known made from honey, water, and yeast) was completely illegal. While the founding fathers of Armageddon Brewing could’ve easily just hopped over the bridge to nearby Pennsylvania or Delaware, they were committed to doing this where they’d been doing it all along – South Jersey. So, they decided to help change things.

Four years ago they drafted a bill that was introduced in the statehouse that allows the manufacturing of ciders and meads in an urban setting without the constraints of an attached vineyard or having 51% of the product being grown in New Jersey. After many meetings with different members of the Senate and Assembly, the bill was finally passed in May of this year and signed into law.

Now, the real work begins. Armageddon Brewing is ready and to bring their unique craft ciders and meads to the masses, and they need some help in getting it done. They are hoping to raise $30,000 through a Kickstarter campaign to build a tasting room and get the proper equipment that will allow them to make and serve the best product possible.

What makes their cider so special? It’s made from the best, locally sourced ingredients with no artificial sweeteners. They have a small orchard of apple and pear trees that include American Heirloom, French and English cider apples and use holistic/organic methods in their farming, which means they do not use any chemicals or pesticides on their trees. It’s a small operation that the founders are excited to grow with the help of friends, supporters, and fans who have been waiting a long time for this new era of brewing in New Jersey.

About Armageddon Brewing
Started by friends in 2011, Armageddon Brewing, LLC has already changed the cider and mead scene in New Jersey by helping get a law on the books that allows it. By using locally sourced quality ingredients that are holistically and organically grown, their craft ciders and meads contain no artificial sweeteners. Armageddon Brewing is working to build and establish a brewing facility and tasting room in Somerdale, Camden County.

More information can be found at at this link.

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