Kickstart Backward Flag Brewing

Backward Flag is almost ready to open their brewery in Forked River but they need our help. Here’s what Torie sent us.

Thank you for taking the time to support Backward Flag Brewing Company. It is a dream that is quickly turning into a reality. We have put our heart and soul, along with every cent we could scrounge up into this project. We are very close to opening our doors but based on our calculations it looks like we may need a little help!

If you are able to back them on Kickstarter, please do.

backward flag

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9 thoughts on “Kickstart Backward Flag Brewing”

    1. Personally I think the name and logo are great. I’m guessing you don’t realize the significance of it. I never served but have enormous respect for our veterans and can’t wait to buy some stuff with their logo.

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