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The Lambertville Area Chamber of Commerce and Humdinger Events is excited to announce that on Thursday, June 12, 2014 the first ever Lambertville NiteFare will take place on North Union Street.  Lambertville NiteFare will feature up to 15 Lambertville Area Restaurants, 12 Gourmet Food Trucks, and a Beer Garden featuring 3 different types of craft beer from Yards Brewery.  From 5pm to 10 pm, North Union Street will be closed from Bridge Street to York Street, and visitors will be able to choose from up to 27 different food options and enjoy up to 3 selections of craft beers.

The purpose of this event is to promote Lambertville as a premier food destination, and to continue to showcase the diversity and caliber of Lambertville’s restaurants while giving new visitors an opportunity to experience what Lambertville has to offer. We have invited 12 gourmet food trucks from Philadelphia and New Jersey to come to Lambertville and introduce their patrons and fans to our city. Yards Brewery from Philadelphia will feature 3 different types of craft beer to those purchasing a drinking bracelet. The bracelet will entitle the purchaser to a maximum of three alcoholic beverages. All individuals seeking to purchase a beer bracelet must be verified through security and show valid ID.

The quoted information comes from Wilson, the Chamber of Commerce President. I also spoke to Ron from Yards. They are going to have Brawler, Pale Ale and Saison available! It gets better, I spoke to Rob from Cow and the Curd and his food truck will be there. As always, NJCB Members get free dipping sauce with purchase! There will be more trucks around town!

The Lambertville Area Chamber of Commerce looks forward to working with the City of Lambertville on this exciting event while providing a safe atmosphere for merchants, residents, and visitors.  Lambertville NiteFare is designed to continue to highlight our city as a premier food and shopping destination.

Look for more information which will provide a list of the restaurants, food trucks, and other types of refreshment that will be available.


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