Lower Forge Brewery. A call for action.

Lower Forge Brewery is looking for a space to open their brewery. Here is what Sean from Lower Forge sent over to me yesterday.

When we last emailed back and forth, my partners and I were still in the early planning stages for Lower Forge Brewery, a planned 7 BBL production brewery in Medford, Burlington County.  Since then, we’ve been pretty successful in early fundraising and are shooting to begin construction in August if our schedule holds.

However, during the fun process of getting everything together to start the permit process with the TTB and the State ABC, we’ve come across an old law in our hometown of Medford (Township Code Chapter 35, §35-6D) that actually prohibits all Class A and Class B licenses within the municipality.  The township has been receptive in our pushing for a ordinance to change/update this 30-year old law but we’re finding that they move a little faster with some public support behind us.  We’ve started a decent social media campaign at http://facebook.com/lowerforge and http://twitter.com/lowerforge and are launching a very nice web site we had designed for us later this week.


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