Mad Elf and friends at Canals West Deptford

joe canals west deptford

Check out this content copied from the guys at Canals West Deptford

Back on Black Friday we released our entire stock of Troegs Mad Elf for sale. Not only did we have 150 people outside waiting for us to open at 9AM that day, we sold through all 40 cases of the Elf in a little over an hour. Pretty insane. So how does one go about getting more of the elusive Elf for holiday shenanigens and frivolity? On tap at the Growler Station, THAT’S how!!

On Tuesday December 13 at 5pm we will be tapping a keg of 2011 Mad Elf for growler fills! Awesome right? We tend to not settle at awesome, we enjoy raising the bar to EPIC when we do special things at the growler station. In addition to the 2011 Mad Elf, we will also be tapping a keg of 2010 Mad Elf, Sly Fox Chrismas from 2010, Ommegang Adoration from 2010, and Delirium Noel from 2010! We warned you, EPIC!!

As usual, with anything Mad Elf, we have to limit everyone to 2 growlers of the Elf per person. It’s only fair, can’t have a guy with 8 growlers showing up being a greedy Gus, Homie don’t play dat.

We’ll see you all on Tuesday night, should be fun!!


Canal’s West Deptford is located at 1075 Mantua Pike in Woodbury. To keep up to date with their beer list, click over to

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