Max’s Freehold growler station tap update

Maxs Freehold Growler Station

On tap at Max’s in Freehold are the following beers.

Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA
Carton BDG
Sly Fox Odyssey Pale Ale

and on deck is BOAKS Beer Two Blind Monks.

Max’s is located in Freehold Boro at 611 Park Avenue.

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4 thoughts on “Max’s Freehold growler station tap update”

  1. Saw this post and ran over to get a growler fill of DFH 90 Minute Ale. The keg kicked, so I got the Sly Fox IPA instead, but then they didn't accept the NJ Craft Beer card.

    Last time (link below) they refused to fill my "unbranded" growler and I someone from Max's wrote that they would offer NJCB discount. I guess that never got formalized? I see now that they're not listed even tho' you've been listing their growler station offerings.

    1. They are not part of our club yet. We don't just post articles for places in the club. I've asked them to keep us posted on the growlers via email or Tweet. I'm sorry it was kicked when you arrived. The person, Matt, from Max's is no longer with Max's. I also think that discount they offered you was a sorry for the confusion one time use discount. I'm going to keep asking for updated info so we don't send people incorrect or out of date info considering you went to the store hours after I posted the update which was minutes after it was sent to me.

  2. oh man i can't wait until they get some stouts or porters! Being from Brooklyn originally and the craft beer flowing over there I moved to Freehold, there are a few stores around here with some decent selections, i just want a great local growler filling station. Awesome site! We run a marketing and media company let me know if you ever need any sort of help, event coverage, we are always looking to swap work with people, especially if its for beer! haha. great site keep it up!

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