Maxwells in Hoboken

maxwells hoboken

Maxwells may have a pretty small craft beer list but the place is a music venue legend.  Many amazing bands have played in the restaurant’s rear room.  This small room has been jammed with bands both big and small and even launched careers of other smaller, unknown rock bands to stardom and major radio play.

Maxwell’s has great food and a large beer selection but is mostly macros however, they usually have a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and seasonal Brooklyn on tap.  Daily specials and a food menu that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, it’s a staple in the Hoboken community.

Maxwells is located 1039 Washington Street in Hoboken.  Parking is tough (it’s Hoboken, ya know) so be prepared to walk a few blocks or pay the lot fee nearby.  Check out their menu online as well as their music schedule.

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