Mead and Meat Meet at Barcade Jersey City

mead and meat and meet

Channel your inner Odin and join us Thursday, September 6th for Barcade’s first ever Mead Event!!!

Fun Fact: Jersey City, NJ has been dubbed “Mead City USA” (by us, but it’s been dubbed nonetheless.)

Actual Fact: Mead is the oldest alcoholic beverage known to man.

Quotable Quote: “Mead is the new IPA” – Dave Masterson, Hunterdon BrewingHere’s the lineup!

B. Nektar Black Pepper Mango Mead – ?% ABV – This is the first ever keg from a very small batch!
B. Nektar Evil Genius – 6.0% – IPA Style Mead!
B. Nektar Zombie Killer – 7.0% – Mead blended with Cider and Cherry Juice!
Redstone Boysenberry Nectar – 8.0% – It’s berry good! (Sorry)
Redstone Black Raspberry Nectar – 8.0% – Redstone’s Flagship.
Redstone Mango Nectar – 8.0% (estimated) – Brand new offering!
Redstone Nectar of the Hops – 8.0% – Dry-Hopped Mead!
Redstone Sunshine Nectar – 8.0% – Apricot Mead!

You can also check out Barcade’s website, Twitter stream and Facebook if you desire. The address is 163 Newark Avenue in Jersey City.

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