Memberships at alcohol manufacturers in New Jersey

There’s a bill proposed recently to allow manufacturers of alcohol in New Jersey to be able to have internal memberships. We need your help. Tell your local state lawmakers that you approve this. Here’s the proposed bill and below is the quick takeaway.

This bill entitles holders of certain alcohol manufacturing licenses to offer retail memberships to their customers.

The bill permits the holders of a limited brewery, restricted brewery, plenary winery, farm winery, out-of-state winery, cidery and meadery, and craft distillery license to offer retail memberships to their customers. The bill specifies that the retail memberships would be subject to rules and regulations.

Under the bill, a “retail membership” is defined as a membership program offered by a license holder to customers, which provides discounts or other benefits related to the products manufactured by the license holder in exchange for a membership fee.

Allowing all of our craft manufacturers to be able to have this will benefit everyone even if the manufacturer does not have a membership program.

Write your lawmakers through this link and let’s make this happen!

Title the subject of the email


Include the below in your content to your reps.

Please allow our craft alcohol manufacturers to offer a membership program.

I read about this bill on New Jersey Craft Beer ( and would love for this to be put on the books.

I support our local craft manufacturers and this is a great asset for the industry.

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