MGK Brew Blast Returns to Battleship – NOW with free tickets

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More than 50 of the finest craft beers in the nation will be available for sampling at the 2nd Annual WMGK Brew Blast, Saturday September 22, aboard the tented deck of one of the nation’s most revered Battleships. The event will take place from 1 to 5pm. All of the WMGK DJs will be in attendance throughout the day and the newly crowned WMGK House Band, will play live. Last year’s event was a huge success, WMGK is expecting an even bigger turnout this year.

Read more info below plus a chance to win a pair of tickets!

Tickets are $45 and can be purchased at, or at the Battleship NJ Box Office the day of the event. Each ticket includes a voucher entitling the holder to a free Battleship tour (a $20 value). Authentic Oktoberfest Franks, Sausages and Artisan Cheeses will be provided by Dietz & Watson.

It will be “all hands on deck” with the WMGK staff and a live classic rock cover band performing throughout the event, but the true stars on ship will be the craft beers.
This is the preliminary list of beers, MANY more will be adding in the coming days.

16 Mile Amber Sun; 16 Mile Inlet IPA; Amstel Wheat;
Brooklyn Brown Ale, Brooklyn Sorachi Ace; Blue Point Brewing; Firestone Walker Brewing;
Flying Fish Octoberfish, Abbey Dubbel & Flying Fish Exit Series
Goose Island Brewing; Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald, Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold;
Harpoon UFO Pumpkin & Harpoon IPA
Killian’s Irish Stout ; Long Trail Harvest & Long Trail Ale
Magic Hat #9 ; Magic Hat Humdinger Burnpile;
Magners Irish Cider ; Palm; Pyramid Apricot ;
Newcastle Werewolf; Red Hook Brewing Company; Riverhorse Hippolantern;
Riverhorse Rye IPA; Rodenbach; Sixpoint Brownstone; Sixpoint Sweet Action;
Saranac Pumpkin & Saranac White IPA
Sierra Nevada Tumbler & Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Stoudts Brewing; Troegs Perpetual IPA; Troegs Dreamweaver;
Victory Brewing Company; Weinhard’s IPA; Weyerbacher Last Chance IPA;
Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin; Widmer Brothers Brewing Company;
Woodchuck Pumpkin, Woodchuck Ginger, Woodchuck Fall
Yards Cape of Good Hope IPA; Yards Brawler

This comes in from our friends at WMGK. The first Brew Blast was pretty cool. This year we are going to be giving away a pair of tickets to NJCB Members (a $45 value) and another pair to the regular public (Members can win that one too).  Let us know the following information.

1) What beer you want to try

2) If you are an NJCB Member (as you’ll have to chances to win)

3) Anything else you’d like to point out

and… randomly, we will pick 2 lucky winners and you will receive a pair of tickets. You have until the end of the day TODAY to enter.

it’s done!  Non NJCB Member Shawn and card carrying NJCB Member Andrew, you’ve been emailed about your winning tickets!

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15 thoughts on “MGK Brew Blast Returns to Battleship – NOW with free tickets”

  1. If I were to attend I would look forward to trying Brooklyn Brewery’s Sorachi Ace and any other beers they bring. I have never really had an interest in the brewery, but then I heard an interview with Garrett Oliver and I have completely changed my mind. He gave such a thoughtful interview that I can’t wait to try his beer the next chance I get, perhaps at this event.

    Along with the Sarachi Ace, I’m interested in Riverhorse’s Rye IPA. I am a big fan of Riverhorse in general and recently I have been trying all the Rye IPAs I can get my hands on, but I haven’t seen this in my local liquor store.

    (I am not a member)

  2. 1) What beer you want to try – Anything that Firestone Walker brings, and Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold, since I’ve never had that.

    2) If you are an NJCB Member (as you’ll have to chances to win) – Not yet, but more places relevant to me are joining the fold, so I will be next year.

  3. I am looking forward to trying all the fall beers, but especially the Newcastle Werewolf – I have not seen that one yet.
    I am a NJCB member.

  4. 1. I’d love to try each of the Pumpkin beers.

    2. I am a member.

    3. Impressed we’re getting Goose Island here (yes, I know the distribution agreement, but still).

  5. I would like to try and pumpkin beers. As well as flyingfish octoberfish.
    I am not a member. But I’m thinking I should definitely become one!

  6. I’m excited to try some Widmer Brothers and whichever pumpkins I haven’t had yet.

    I am not a member but after finding out about you guys recently I will be soon!

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