Mussel Bar, Revel, Atlantic City

New Jersey Craft Beer Week culminated in a very special weekend for the Team NJCB. Besides sponsoring and participating in Atlantic City Beer Fest, a high point on its own, the crew was treated to a visit to the Revel Casino Resort before it opened its doors to the public.  The Revel Resort has set the new standard in Atlantic City and it is certainly a place not to be missed.  Our host was Mac Schilcher and his enthusiasm and energy was contagious. He gave us a tour of the property and it was truly amazing. I can certainly imagine sitting by the firepits smoking a cigar (smoke free Casino however) looking out over the Atlantic Ocean. The Revel was full of twists and turns and places to grab a drink tucked into every corner. But the highlight of our tour was certainly the Mussel Bar by Robert Wiedmaier.

Located right off the casino floor, but separate from the gaming action, it is it’s own little oasis. Hard to miss by the glass lined wall of beers visible from the outside and equally as impressive inside with Chef Robert’s Harley Davidson hanging from the ceiling, you know you have entered somewhere special. Mac spoke enthusiastically about the preparation and the extensive beer menu and creating a relaxed, pub-style atmosphere. The Mussel Bar boasts 33 beers and proudly stocks 75 different Belgium beers, none better than the specially brewed Antigoon made especially for Chef Robert and shipped from Belgium. Be sure to ask your bartender the story of Antigoon and it’s interesting tap handle. The menu certainly had it’s share of mussel dishes but also catered to every taste and Chef Robert wouldn’t let us leave without trying one of his Belgium gourmet pizzas which was delicious. Mac and Chef Wiedmaier were extremely gracious hosts and this is sure to not be your typical casino lounge bar. The menu and extensive beer listings certainly set this place apart and with a stage in the corner ready to serve up some live rock and roll, you may forget you are in one of the nicest casino properties in the country.    -Jim

Mac is not always on site, please ask for Lexi when you arrive and tell her that you read about Mussel Bar from us here at NJCB.  In the meantime, check out the beer list below the pictures sent over from Mac.

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1.)Gulden Draak Quad (10.5% abv.)

2. Antigoon (6.7% abv.)

3.Wittekerke (5.0% abv.)

4. DeKonnick (5.0% abv)

5. Houblon Chouffe (9.0% abv.)

6. Duvel Single (6.8 abv.)

7. Lucifer (8.0% abv.)

8. Saison Dupont (6.5% abv.)

9. Lost Abbey Carnival (10% abv.)

10. Allagash White (5.2% abv)

11. Gouden Carolous Easter Beer

12. Kaiser (blue) Golden Caroulus Grand (11.0% abv.)

13. Anderson Valley Oatmeal Stout (5.7% abv.)

14. Old Rasputan (9.0% abv.)

15. Smuttynose IPA (6.9% abv)

16. St. Bernardus (10.0% abv.)

17. Duchess (6.0% abv.)

18. Schneider Weisse (8.2% abv.)

19. Saison Dupont (6.5% abv.)

20. Liefman’s Cuvee Brut (6.0% abv.)

21. Delerium Tremens

22. Brooklyn Sorachie Ace (7.6% abv)

23. Green Flash West Coast IPA (7.3% abv.)

24. Brabo Pils

25. Palm (5.4% abv.)

26. coming soon

27. Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA (6.0% abv.)

28. Straffe Hendrick Quad

29. coming soon

30. La Chouffe (8.0% abv.)

31. Bavik (5.2% abv.)

32. Antigoon (6.7% abv.)

33. Troubadour Magna (9.0% abv.)







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