*NEW* Beer Release: ARROWHEAD

Wayne: Hailey from Seven Tribesmen Brewery sent information about *NEW* Beer Release: ARROWHEAD scheduled for Saturday, September 17 from 12:00 pm to . Hailey says…

Join us this Saturday, September 17, as we release our newest India Pale Lager, ARROWHEAD!
In a world filled with over-the-top beers, we wanted to cut through the noise and get straight to the point by crafting a lager that didn’t require adjuncts in order to be delicious! As such, ARROWHEAD is a pale lager dry-hopped with Meridian hops to create a tantalizing flavor profile with notes of Meyer lemon, boysenberry, spearmint, sassafras, and pineapple. So if you’re searching for a beer that’s simple yet delicious, your search has come to an end, as you’ve been struck by the ARROWHEAD!
ARROWHEAD will be available on tap and in 16oz cans starting Saturday, September 17, at 12 pm!

More information can be found at at this link.

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