New Seasonal beer at Uno’s Brewpub

pizzeria uno metuchen

This just arrived today from our friends at Uno’s Brewpub.


Our new seasonal is a Milk Stout.  This beer is brewed in a similar fashion to a traditional stout, but with the addition of LACTOSE which is sugar derived from milk.  Lactose is unfermentable by brewer’s yeast, which adds body and sweetness to the beer.  This stout has a full body, mild sweetness, and flavors of chocolate, vanilla, and a sturdy roast.  A dose of Indonesian French Roast Coffee, which had been cold steeped for twenty four hours and double filtered, was added to the serving tank.  Cold steeping coffee produces a rich, aromatic, and smooth finished product that is lacking in the acidity and bitterness you achieve from a cup of coffee that was brewed hot.  Perfect for someone who already loves Gust-n-Gale Porter, or who is looking for a beer that goes with a chocolate dessert or even our Kahve Tips!  Don’t forget to stop by for our Cask Festival, Saturday March 23rd starting at 12 noon, for an awesome list of New Jersey’s finest real ales!  We will have a New Jersey Craft Beer specialty cask, bring your card and save!


Uno’s is located at 61 US-1 South in Metuchen. It’s between the Woodbridge and the Menlo Park Mall.  Here’s the Official Facebook page.  NJCB Members get a fantastic deal.  10% off the entire bill!

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