Newtown Beerfest TICKET GIVEAWAY, last day to win!

newtown beerfest

Over in Newtown, PA there’s going to be a beer fest on September 24.  We are giving away a pair of tickets to the charity, fundraising festival!  Now there’s going to be  a bunch of breweries you can’t get over here in Jersey at the Newtown festival, so what are you most excited for.  Leave your most original comment below and the winner will be randomly selected on August 28.

You can find information about the Newtown Beerfest online and on Facebook.

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15 thoughts on “Newtown Beerfest TICKET GIVEAWAY, last day to win!”

  1. As a new beer lover (I just started drinking craft beers a couple of months ago…) I would love to attend my first beer festival! And I'm always excited to try new craft beers, especially ones that I can't find here in NJ.

  2. That is my birthday, what a wonderful way to celebrate ! I fell in love with Magners when I went to Ireland, I fell in love with Dogfish Head when I went to Delaware, and I fell in love with Bruton at the Atlantic City beer festival, so I am looking to find a new beer to love as well as the opportunity to enjoy some old favorites.

  3. Beer, glorious beer….there is no sound lovelier to hear, then 'get your beer here'!! Cold frosty mugs of the hoppy, barley stuff, keep 'em coming, cause I can't get enough… Pale Ale, Pilsner, IPA, slide 'em my way, dark beer, lager, how much do I pay?. Lite beer for the diet, dark beer for not, Gimme whatever's on draught, I'll try alot…. Beer, glorious beer – tap me a keg, is all I want to hear!!!

    # Beer is proof that God loves us. — Ben Franklin

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