Nip-n-Tuck, a hidden gem in Long Branch

nip n tuck bar

When you think of Long Branch, you don’t really think of craft beer but I think that will change.  There two craft beer bars known for their selections.  One of those places is called Nip-n-Tuck and it’s an atypical craft beer destination. I sat down with Bob, one of the owners, recently.  Bob has an eye for great beer and food.  So we chatted while he cooked, poured beers and ran the show.

Nip-n-Tuck has so much going on but never really promotes it.  That is not a bad thing, kinda makes them a hidden gem.  You can find, at all times, local, regional and seasonal beers.  I feel compelled to tell you that the prices, which is not something we normally talk about, are amazing.  You will feel at home at the bar.  Order grilled cheese of the week, maybe some wings too and just enjoy the cool place and their delicious beers.

Nip-N-Tuck Bar & Grill is located at 23 Norwood Ave, in Long Branch.

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