NJ Beer Co

NJ Beer Co

New Jersey Beer Co. is dedicated to crafting quality beer for all; from the occasional beer drinker to the beer aficionado. We believe that good products come from good people, and strive to do our very best for our community and our customers. We believe we can provide happiness through doing what we love, and that a good beer can make the good times great.

You can take that quote to mean good beer from good people.  I met Matt Steinberg about a year ago and I knew he was going to produce a great product right away.  His passion and creativity is what I look for in a company.  Matt’s team produces 3 year round beers.  The Garden State Stout, a creamy stout brewed with chocolate and raisins, The Hudson Pale Ale, a dirty extra hoppy pale ale and The 1767 Abbey Single, a sweet Belgium style ale.  NJ Beer Co has brewed up a seasonal beer and will soon be working on some special reserve beers as well.

I’m a big fan of this new local brewery for a few reasons.  When people invite you to check out their digs and give you the personal touch it’s great for many reasons.  I went to the brewery this past spring to get a tour and chat about getting beers for my wedding.  A few weeks later I had some great firkins sitting atop the bar at the wedding hall.  This was amazing and I’ll and my guests will never forget it.  I also love that NJ Beer Co is locally committed not only in their community but outside of Hudson County.  NJ Beer Co has put on events all over New Jersey.  They donate their time and products to charity events and well, are just good people.

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