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Brew the best damn beer possible! Work with the sales team and ownership on production and packaging planning. The brewer operates our 20 barrel brewing system including milling, mashing, lautering, boiling, hop additions, whirlpool, and wort cooling. In addition, the brewer is responsible for cleaning and sanitation of all transfer lines and vessels, as well as equipment maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs. The brewer is responsible for cellar tasks including, but not limited to, yeast pitching, filtration, beer transfers, tank cip, dry hopping, parts and hose maintenance, filling casks and firkins. Finally, the brewer is responsible for packaging, including kegging and canning runs, of all product. The ideal candidate knows how to prioritize tasks and work efficiently, is a self-starter who is comfortable working in an ever-changing environment, works well both independently and with a team, and understands the importance of working safely and following safety procedures

Material purchasing, maintaining, and organizing of ingredients, brewing supplies, and chemicals
Manage and plan brew schedule, document and regularly communicate schedule to taproom, marketing, and sales departments.
Keep accurate daily production records
Lead new product development with recipe formulation and innovative techniques to create new and exciting flavor experiences while coordinating with the management team to adhere to TTB labelling guidelines and product launch time frames.
Attend production meetings and contribute to product improvement
Follow safety procedures.
All brewing functions including preparation and cleanup
Ingredient preparation and mill operation
Yeast propagation and handling including pitching and aeration.
Monitoring of yeast health and viability.
Filtration and transfer
Dry hopping and carbonation
CIP of all brewery equipment.
Troubleshoot equipment problems.
Clean and fill kegs and casks
Clean and maintain the brewery facilities, equipment, keg washing station, milling area, and storage areas. This includes cleaning floors, tanks, walls, and ceilings.
Safe handling of hazardous chemicals.
Oversee the qualitative analysis and inspection of all raw, intermediary and finished products to ensure proper adherence to quality, safety and environmental standards.
Represent 902 Brewing Co at beer festivals and events when needed (1-2 times monthly)

Instructions for applying

email colby@902brewing.com

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This position was submitted by Colby Janisch, Production at 902 Brewing Co on 11/15/2021

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