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Swedesboro Brewing Company (Swedesboro, NJ)

Job Description Summary
Swedesboro Brewing Company (SBC) is a taproom brewery based in South Jersey. As a startup, SBC is focused on a taproom business model with expansion plans to include distribution. With one eye focused on quality and the other on creativity, the experienced Brewmaster will use our brand new, start-of-the-art 10-BBL brewhouse to help elevate, enhance, and continue to build our brewery and brands with energy, passion, and innovation. The Brewmaster is primarily responsible for executing all aspects of beer production and ensuring beers and other crafted beverages are produced according to recipes and schedules and in accordance with SBC specifications and quality standards. In this role, the Brewmaster is responsible for cleaning, sanitizing, and maintaining the brewhouse and its equipment, as well as keeping records for operations and assuring continuous quality improvement. The Brewmaster also supervises the production staff and supports the rest of the SBC team in running a successful brewery. In addition to these responsibilities, the Brewmaster is committed to the SBC mission of producing exceptional beer of the highest quality and dedicated to a culture that centers around the customer.

Job Duties and Responsibilities
Brewing and Improving
• Execute all aspects of production duties including, but not limited to, milling, mashing, boiling, transferring, cooling, fermenting, and handling.
• Inform and assist in the formulation and refinement of recipes.
• Aid in the development and continual evaluation of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for producing SBC beers and other beverages, across many styles.
• Implement best practices in brewing to ensure that all crafted beers and beverages are consistently produced according to recipes and schedules and in accordance with SBC specifications and quality standards.
• Build and implement quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) programs that include microbiological sampling and testing, water quality monitoring, yeast managing, dissolved oxygen testing, and package stability testing.
• Participate in beer sensory panels to aid in troubleshooting problems in the brewery and make sure SBC is producing beers and other beverages that are true to brand.
• Maintain brewing and related documentation in an organized, accurate, and complete manner.
• Assist the Brewhouse Manager with managing inventory, including selecting and evaluating the quality of raw materials used in brewing, tracking and monitoring materials used for packaging, working with vendors for supplying, and reviewing efficiency metrics used in operating.
• Work with the Brewhouse Manager to develop, implement, and evaluate improvement initiatives designed to facilitate greater production efficiencies and quality as well as new brewing processes.

Cleaning and Maintaining
• Keep the working areas of the brewhouse clean, sanitized, and operational at all times.
• Clean and sanitize all brewing equipment in accordance with SOPs to ensure consistent beer quality and safety.
• Inspect and maintain all brewery equipment including, but not limited to, air compressor, boiler, chiller, and CO2 system to ensure it is kept in optimal working condition and does not delay beer production.
• Troubleshoot and report all equipment problems to the Brewhouse Manager and/or brewery owners.
• Make recommendations to the Brewhouse Manager for maintenance, repair, and upkeep of brewhouse and all equipment.
• Assist the Brewhouse Manager with communicating with outside vendors regarding brewhouse and equipment improvement bids and logistics.

Managing and Supervising
• Track brewery production against company timelines, goals, and key performance indicators (KPIs).
• Stay at the cutting edge of beer trends and styles, raw materials, brewing science, brewing processes, and other facets of brewing.
• Maintain all required production paperwork and records including, but not limited to, recipe sheets, brew / batch logs, scientific analyses of brews, inventory sheets, and packaging records, in an accurate and detailed manner.
• Identify improvement opportunities in recipes, processes, and quality programs.
• Manage the cleaning and maintenance schedules on the production line.
• Help inform decisions related to sourcing raw materials, purchasing equipment, and hiring brewhouse staff.
• Inspire a team of enthusiastic brewery staff including future direct reports, such as Assistant Brewers.
• Help organize training requirements to develop the skills of brewhouse staff.
• Ensure a safe working environment for employees by complying with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards and enforcing compliance with local, county, state, and federal government safety requirements.
• Attend brewery staff meetings, as required.
• Help build the company customer base by giving patrons guided tours of the brewery to demonstrate production capacity and showcase beer quality.
• Work with the Marketing team to publicize the brewery and improve brand recognition, as well as to identify market demand for specific styles of beer and other beverages.
• Represent SBC and its brands in a professional and positive manner at all times, both inside and outside the brewery.
• Serve as a public face of the company by attending and participating in industry and public events, including festivals, promotions, and conferences throughout the year.
• Work in the Taproom, as requested, servicing customers at the tasting bar.
• Demonstrate pride in servicing the community and providing extraordinary customer service.

Other Duties
• SBC reserves the right to change duties, responsibilities and activities at any time.
• Perform all other job duties and functions that may be assigned as the brewery evolves and grows.

Job Qualifications
• Degree or certificate in brewing / brewing science from an accredited institution preferred.
• Alternatively, any combination of education and experience from which comparable knowledge, skills, and abilities have been achieved will be considered.

• Minimum of 3 years of relevant experience with a degree or certificate or 5 years of relevant experience without.
• Experience working with a steam-heated brewery system preferred.
• Experience with brewing software and project management a plus.
• Strong mechanical background with experience in brewery equipment repairs desirable.

Other Credentials
• Must be at least 21 years of age and have proof of eligibility to work in the United States.
• Ability to obtain forklift certification desirable.

Personal Attributes, Knowledge, and Skills
• Shows appreciation for the deep history of the beer industry and historical brewing techniques from around the world.
• Displays passion for producing exceptional craft beer and beverages of the highest quality.
• Commits to exploring and crafting a wide range of beer styles and to continually improving our brewing processes and standards.
• Holds or acquires acute sensory perception and training to distinguish differences in beer appearance, aroma, feel, and taste.

• Possesses expert knowledge of brewing, including technical knowledge of brewing science and techniques, operational knowledge of brewery technology and cleaning techniques, and creative knowledge of beer styles and ingredients.
• Desires to continue learning and advancing the knowledge base.
• Has a thorough understanding of brewery good manufacturing practices (GMPs).
• Retains an exceptional understanding of QA and QC programs.
• Maintains strong working knowledge of OSHA regulations and standards.

• Possesses the ability and motivation to work independently, with limited or no direct supervision, and to teach and lead co-workers.
• Demonstrates the ability to multitask and manage stressful circumstances associated with a fast-paced and constantly changing work environment.
• Follows detailed instructions and procedures.
• Shows the ability to produce accurate, precise, and reproducible brewing results.
• Exhibits exceptional organizational and record-keeping skills.
• Has superior problem-solving and troubleshooting skills.
• Expresses proficient verbal and written communication skills, including ability to communicate technical instructions to staff.

Physical Demands and Working Conditions
Physical Demands
• Lift up to 55 pounds from ground to shoulder high frequently and 110 pounds from ground to waist high regularly, as well as move up to 165 pounds along the floor occasionally.
• Shovel hot and wet grain.
• Handle hazardous materials, such as acidic and caustic chemicals, and hot and cold liquids.
• Work with potentially dangerous equipment and machinery.
• Stand and/or traverse brewery for extended periods of time regularly.
• Climb stairs, ramps, and/or ladders repeatedly.
• Perform repetitive motions of the hands and/or wrists including, but not limited to, grasping, pushing, pulling, and reaching.
• Crouch, kneel, crawl or bend periodically.
• Operate or learn to operate complex machinery including a powered industrial truck (PIT), such as a high-low or pallet truck.

Working Conditions
• Work in confined spaces and tight congested areas.
• Work in an environment with often fluctuating temperatures (i.e., cold and hot) and moisture levels as well as wet areas with basic safety accommodations (e.g., protective gloves, water-resistant boots).
• Work in an environment with moderate-to-loud noise levels with basic safety accommodations (e.g., ear plugs, hearing protection devices).
• Utilize personal protective equipment (PPE), such as protective gloves and safety glasses, and follow relevant SOPs to work safely with chemicals and other potentially hazardous materials.
• Follow appropriate SOPs to work safely with brewery equipment sometimes using high-voltage electricity and containing high pressures.

Work Schedules
• The brewery typically operates Wednesday thru Sunday, with Monday and Tuesday dedicated to brewing, but the Brewhouse will likely transition to additional days of brewing as business demands.
• Brewing shifts generally run 8 to 10 hours (6 AM to 2-4 PM).
• Schedules can change based on business needs.
• This job requires the ability to travel approximately 10% of the time, primarily to participate in industry and public events, attend trade association meetings, and appear at award presentations.

Job Compensations and Benefits
• Compensation is highly competitive but determined by experience and other factors.
• This job includes 3-weeks equivalent paid time off (PTO).
• Brewery plans to offer employer-sponsored insurance, 401(k), and/or other company benefits.
• This position is bonus eligible.

Instructions for applying

Swedesboro Brewing Company is a start-up brewery operating on a two-vessel 10-BBL brewhouse seeking a Brewmaster to join our team and grow the brewery from the ground up. Come meet us at the intersection of art and science to help shape our mission to craft beer that is steeped in the tradition of brewing yet tells a story and pays homage to the unique history of our community. Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to careers@swedesborobrewing.com.

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This position was submitted by Kevin Bain, Co-Founder & Brewhouse Manager at Swedesboro Brewing Company on 07/06/2020

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  1. Hi Kevin,
    my name is Lew Hunter. I am interested in your brewery. I am a craft brew guy and home brewer and would love to be involved in your company. When do you plan on opening? Please contact me if you need help in any way

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