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Cellar Position

Job Description

This position performs all tasking within the cellar, which includes but is not limited to, CIPs, SIPs, CUPs, dry hopping, transferring and assorted tasks related to the well being of our beer.

*Performs basic cellar duties; yeast drops, temperature and pressure checks, maintain a clean and safe working environment.
*Perform yeast harvests, yeast propagation pitches, Cleaning In Place (CIPs), Sanitizing in Place (SIPs), Cleaning Under Pressure (CUPs).
*Daily gravity and temperature samples.
*Expertly maintain data reports, inventory counts, and organizational integrity.
*Conducts oneself in a professional manner, and smartly adheres to the cellar Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
*Cleaning exterior of all tanks, cellar spaces and floors.

*Keen attention to detail.
*Strong and effective communication skills.
*Critical thinking, ability to make smart decisions in a short amount of time for the betterment of the situation and team.
*Reliable character capable of multi-tasking.
*Must love beer and enjoy the process!
*Contagious positive attitude!

*Must be of sound physical and mental ability to repeatedly perform the required tasks of the Cellar Operator.
*Maintain the ability to withstand environmental stresses of a demanding and fast-paced work environment; both operational and administrative.
*Required to lift between 55 and 100lbs, to stand, walk, climb, crouch, kneel, squat and operate machinery.

Instructions for applying

Please email resume to cheers@tomsriverbrewing.com

URL of Job if applicable

This position was submitted by Toms River Brewing on 07/29/2021

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