NJ Farm Brewery License Petition

Check out this petition and let’s help local brewers and the hop famers in Jersey.  This is from Sarah, one of the people behind Isaac Budd Farm, a local Burlington County based hop farm.

This is a petition to support a proposed bill that would create a brewery license for farmers who would be brewing with their own products. This would help NJ’s craft beer scene as well as support NJ’s agritourism. My fiance and I are both homebrewers who are in our second year of starting a small hop farm in Burlington County, New Jersey. We would love to eventually be able to start a small farmhouse brewery on premises and use our homegrown hops along with other homegrown ingredients. To do so currently, we would have to somehow get the farm to be licensed as a commercial property rather than just as a residential farm. This bill would help make this possible, along with also helping other farmers make beer, wine, and cider from their harvest. Below is the link to the petition along with a link to the bill. Thanks again!

Details are on the petition link online here.

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