NJCB x ACBF Collab release at Kelly Green

Sadly ACBF is not happening this year, but that doesn’t mean the beer we made is not being released! It is schedule to be tapped for on site consumption and Crowlers to go* on June 26 and June 27.

If you are wondering what the beer is, well, long story short, it’s a White Tea (from Firsd Tea), Ginger and Turmeric Saison. 20 breweries got to together to brew this beer to release at ACBF. Join Team NJCB, the ACBF crew and the breweries during Kelly Green’s normal hours to try 20 Gold Balloons. Here’s the Facebook event.

* Unfortunately, due to the zoning for outdoor consumption in Pitman, Kelly Green can not allow on premises consumption BUT feel free to buy Crowlers and walk a block over to the public park to try the beer. Pitman has zoned the parking lot nearby and allowing in town consumption of alcohol. Keep your social distance and enjoy the 20 Gold Balloons.

The inspiration for this beer is simple. The band Goldfinger was going to be playing ACBF and Mike (Team NJCB) has been chugging turmeric tea at home soooooo here we go.

  • Kelly Green (the host)
  • Vinyl
  • Eight and Sand
  • Brotherton
  • Neck of the Woods
  • Three 3’s
  • Gusto
  • Core3Brewing
  • Jersey Cyclone
  • Bonesaw
  • Two Ton
  • Heavy Reel
  • Glasstown
  • Czig Meister
  • Toms River Brewing
  • Westville
  • Flounder
  • ManaFirkin
  • Axe and Arrow
  • Four City
  • artwork by Justin / @burn.to.build

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