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Since the onset of the 2012 “Craft Beer Bill,” New Jersey has become home to a burgeoning Craft Beer scene, with new breweries in planning, existing establishments growing, and complementary businesses sprouting up.  From beer-only bars to beer-centric organizations, the state has become a hot bed of artisanal ale activity and this spring it will go a step further, as members of 10 different craft beer businesses in the state have united to brew something truly “New Jersey.”


Years ago, I recognized that NJ is a unique place, each town having its own melting pot of cultures and experiences, but missing something.  Despite the desire to explore the State’s beer offerings, it was hard to find a resource to guide him through it.  In 2010, from that void was born the New Jersey Craft Beer Membership Club, bridging the gap between over 370 (now 418) businesses and consumers.  In 2014, NJCB is now taking it a step further, bringing together some of the businesses that it supports for the first time.


The goal was to take the spirit behind New Jersey’s breweries and put it in liquid form, creating the first ‘New Jersey Craft Beer’ Collaboration. With brewers from five of the state’s existing breweries, combined with two aspiring brewers from those in the planning stages, the project took a life of its own.

I think it was Jersey enough uniting this group. The ideas and camaraderie that resulted have me so excited for the future of craft beer in New Jersey.

The NJCB Collaboration team dabbled in different styles and yeasts, as well as traditional & unique ingredients, balancing each brewers’ vision of what New Jersey is all about while still creating a unique beer that can be enjoyed by the pint. On March 4,2014, a contingent from the team met to brew the final product; the end result simply described as “funky.”  Brian Kulbacki, opening Departed Soles Brewing Co. in 2014, noted

There’s no one size fits all description of our home state, and the beer should be just that… A beer that is not only different, but that people would embrace because of its uniqueness – just like Jersey.

Kyle McDonald, Head Brewer of Harvest Moon, summarized the experience, showing that Mike achieve his goal,

From formulating the recipe to sourcing it, it was a great experience to work together with so many people from New Jersey.  I hope this collaborative experience continues to grow the NJ craft beer scene and the camaraderie amongst local brewers and craft beer lovers alike.

Who is involved???

The NJCB Collaboration team consisted of brewers from Harvest Moon, Flounder Brewing Co., Bolero Snort Brewery, Tuckahoe Brewing Co., and Uno’s Chicago Grill & Brewery.  Additionally, brewers from Spellbound Brewing and Departed Soles Brewing Co., each hoping to open in 2014, contributed.  East Coast Yeast helped to “funk up” the beer during fermentation; love2brew aided in sourcing ingredients. The breweries and brewpubs also participate in the NJCB Membership Club as well as love2brew!

All of the players involved had a significant role in the beer and the process continues through all of the parties we are having around this beer. Come out and ask us, I can tell you everything you want to know!

For more information on the New Jersey Craft Beer Collaboration, you may contact any of the participating breweries via their websites or contact me.  You will be able to drink this beer very soon! The beer is bubbling away nicely over at Harvest Moon and we’ll be unveiling it at a few events around.

UNO Spring Cask Festival
Zac’s first cask festival is the week before ACBF, March 29, and our beer should be fermented by then. Come to the event and we’ll pour some samples for fresh from a few growlers. Then come to ACBF the following weekend and…



The Atlantic City Beer Festival
Join us for a tapping of a sixtel per session during the NJCB Seminar at ACBF on April 4 and 5. Come listen to me speak about the beer, the concept and then we can all try it together and take a group picture with your NJCB shirts, hats and of course, NJCB Membership Club Cards! ALSO, Tuckahoe, Spellbound & Departed Soles, brewing as homebrewers, made up test batches of this beer with their own recipes. They’ll be available at ACBF at the love2brew table with a bunch of other homebrews! Then…



NJCB Collaboration #1 Release Party
This is the big party where we say thanks to you for trying this special inaugural beer from what we know will be many more collaborations. We have invited all of the brewers and businesses involved in this historical occasion and want you to come try this beer with us. The release party also happens to coincide with Harvest Moon’s monthly cask night. So mark your calendar for April 10 starting around 5PM. RSVP on Facebook. I’ll be there around 6PM. I’ll have Forgotten Boardwalk keys to give to NJCB Members, NJCB Memberships available for purchase, some giveaways and perhaps a few glasses, shirts and hats! Also scheduled to be available are CASK CONDITIONED NJCB COLLABORATION #1 WITH NJ TEA, CASK CONDITIONED PADDY’S IRISH STOUT ON THE HAND PUMP, SIMCOE DOUBLE IPA WITH OQ COFFEE, MOSAIC RYE PALE ALE WITH ZYTHOS HOPS and more and more and more! Scheduled to be at the event are Kyle and Jeff from Harvest Moon, Jeremy from Flounder, Scott from Spellbound, Brian from Departed Soles, Zac from Uno, Matt and Amanda from Tuckahoe, Jon, Bill, Brant, Sam, Luke and me (Mike) from Team NJCB!



Wait… what did you brew???


and from today, my thank you!


Harvest Moon THANKS


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Come and find out by coming to one, two or all three of our parties and ask me or any of the breweries involved!




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