NJCB Collaboration #2

The first NJCB Collaboration was a huge success. Aside from the beer, the unity of the breweries involved last year was paramount for the craft movement here in New Jersey. This year, we decided to do it again and like last year, release 1 sixtel per session at the Atlantic City Beer Festival plus at the NJCB Party at Wingcraft. Here’s what we are doing for this batch that Spellbound is currently fermenting 10 barrels of. That’s 310+ gallons of this beer!

Unlike last year’s Dark Rye Saison, brewed at Harvest Moon, which embodied New Jersey’s unique and funky side, this year we wanted to brew something BIG, like the Garden State’s citizens’ personalities. Just like a character off of reality television, this Belgian Tripel is boisterous, honey. Or rather, it boasts great local honey, balanced with a Trappist Ale yeast, resulting in a great, drinkable craft beer (to make you forget about NJ reality television).

It’s being brewed by Spellbound and the following are involved in the process.

  • Bolero Snort who helped with the honey delivery.
  • Conclave Brewing came during the brew day gave input on the recipe.
  • Departed Soles moral support during the brew day input on the recipe and creative writing.
  • Flounder helped with the recipe process and the socialization through the NJ Brewers Guild.
  • Flying Fish who helping with the delivery of honey.
  • Harvest Moon hosted last year and helped with the recipe process. Kyle will also be at the NJCB booth to answer any brewing questions.
  • Iron Hill helped with yeast procurement and delivery of the Trappist Ale yeast
  • love2brew will be compiling the recipe for sale after the release and at ACBF to talk beer.
  • Melovino Meadery helped with the local NJ honey sourcing
  • Pinelands Brewing helped with the recipe.
  • Tuckahoe Brewing helped with the recipe.
  • Two Ton Brewing helped with the recipe.
  • Village Idiot Brewing came during brew day and helped with the recipe

Here is the plan with the beer. We’re having a party at Wingcraft in AC to kickoff the ACBF weekend. Our party is at 7PM on Thursday, March 19. We’ll have the collaboration on tap as well as all New Jersey beer filling up the lines. The party is open to the general public and we are encouraging NJCB Member to come on to AC and hang out and kickoff the great weekend.

The following day starts the ACBF and we will have 1 sixtel per session at the Spellbound booth located next to our table. This beer will be limited to NJCB Members for sampling. Come by the booth anytime and get a sample but you’ll need to show your 2015 Membership. We’ll be next door selling Memberships and more.

Then, well, the beer will be flowing around through Spellbound… stay tuned for updates and support the local NJ craft movement like we have!

Photos courtesy of Scott Wyden

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