NJCB Member + AC Beer Fest = WIN!

As you know, we tend to go a bit crazy with stuff for NJCB Members to do before, during and after your Atlantic City Beer Festival session(s). Here’s a quick breakdown of what to expect, but read this entire article because well, there’s more than the bullets below.

  • Saturday, March 14, π day also know as Hunahpu Day is where DJ from Team NJCB is headed. Any NJCB Member to find DJ wearing his NJCB shirt will get ten points. Kane and Carton will also be on tap during this event.
  • Thursday, March 19, we are having our NJCB party / New Jersey brewery night at Wingcraft. The event is open to everyone and gets started at 7PM. Hotels are cheaper on Thursday, start your weekend early! More stuff below about our party!
  • Friday, March 20 during the event we’ll doing a few things
    • A NJCB Member giveaway contest! Details below.
    • Releasing the NJCB Collaboration #2 at the Spellbound Brewing booth!
    • After ACBF Session 1, well, we hear there are some after parties. Rumor has it that Boneyard and Wingcraft are doing a few plus more will be popping up. Updates will be here and we’ll know more during the session so come by our booth and ask.
  • Saturday, March 21, same thing as Friday during the event and after there’s more! Stop by our table and ask us what we’re doing after the event. I’d love to rally the NJCB Members and keep the party going…
  • We will be using our Facebook Members Only Group, Twitter and Instagram to keep every NJCB Member posted on other popup events and more if other things happen. Last year there were random bottle shares on Saturday after the first session for example. If you are organizing something, comment here and let people know.

The collaboration beer will only be poured to NJCB Members so be sure to flash those memberships during the sessions!

The Party at Wingcraft

As mentioned above, we’re hosting a party at Wingcraft on Thursday, March 19. All Jersey beer will be on tap from the following breweries (tentatively)

  • Beach Haus
  • Bolero Snort
  • Cape May
  • Carton
  • Forgotten Boardwalk
  • Glasstown
  • Kane
  • Rinn Duin
  • River Horse
  • Tuckahoe

We will be updating the beer list once the liquid is secured. I can tell you we are trying to get some great beers and not just the rare stuff so you can try them all! There will be great prices for EVERYONE that comes too! Big shoutout to Jon, the VP of South Jersey from Team NJCB for helping to organize this killer event.

The NJCB Member Giveaway Contest

During Atlantic City Beer Festival we are going to giveaway prizes to introduce NJCB Members to places to go for a great beer and food experience. The Tours of New Jersey gifts will be given away to random NJCB Members. The rules are simple.

  • Each 2015 NJCB Member will have one automatic entry into the drawing.
  • Each Member that joins in during ACBF will have another entry resulting in 2 entries.
  • Any NJCB Member that comes to our booth at ACBF will have another entry excluding the above for new signups.
  • Any NJCB Member that finds someone from Team NJCB and let’s us know during the ACBF session will get another bonus point. This can result in many bonus points. We will be tweeting and Instagramming updates for some extra incentives to find us. Each time you spot a Team NJCB Rep away from the NJCB and NJ brewery area counts. Show us your Membership to earn those entries.
  • Any NJCB Member that finds Team NJCB around Atlantic City during the weekend outside of the ACBF sessions will earn an entry per time they spot us.
  • All Members that come to our event on Thursday at Wingcraft will be awarded 5 entries. Be sure to come say hello to us for entries to the contest.

Team NJCB that will be at ACBF include:

  • Mike K
  • Jon
  • Luke
  • DJ
  • Andrew
  • Dave P
  • Mike W
  • Scott T
  • Krishna


So now we will take all of these entries and use a random number generator to pick winners. We have gathered up the  prizes from Business Partners all over the area. There are thousands of dollars worth of prizes to win! We have prizes from the following

  • Atlantic City Bottle Company
  • Admiral Fell Inn
  • All About Beer Magazine
  • Applebees (Ocean Co locations & north)
  • Blend Bar
  • BrewersShirts.com
  • Cape May Brewing
  • Flounder Brewing
  • Harvest Moon
  • Hearthstone Grill
  • IPA Wear
  • Iron Monkey
  • love2brew
  • Mad Batter
  • Morris Tap & Grill / Paragon Tap & Table
  • Racks
  • Spirits Unlimited Lakewood
  • Taphouse Grille
  • Tavern on the Lake
  • The Brewer’s Apprentice
  • UNO Chicago Grill (Bock group)

and more will be added shortly, so please keep reading this!

… and there’s a grand prize as well. The grand prize is ONLY going be won by a person that visits us at ACBF. 

We will be mailing out all prizes to the winners after the event is over. We will not have the prizes during the event because we need to calculate all of your entries. Keep exploring with NJCB and stay tuned to your emails after the event. Big shoutout to DJ, a Regional Rep from Team NJCB for helping to organize this giveaway contest!!

and HERE ARE THE WINNERS! Use the number on the back of your card to see your prize.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 12.07.51 PM

and the grand prize winner is…..


grand prize winner

These prizes will be mailed and emailed out through USPS. We are not responsible if the USPS does not deliver the goods. We will be actively monitoring the prizes delivery.

congrats all!

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5 thoughts on “NJCB Member + AC Beer Fest = WIN!”

  1. Looking totally foreward to my first AC Beer Fest! Should make for some goodtimes and good memories attending with my son and his fiancé. I don’t look forward to my two day recovery, but WTF it’s all about the beers.

  2. What’s up NJCB will be signing up at Your booth to because a Member with My Wife coming Saturday the 6:00 show with 2 other couples we are looking forward to the festival we have a limo picking us up at the hotel and after our nite on the Town no DWI here my life is important and so are the other lives on the road

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