NJCB Members, a video call to action! FREE STUFF TOO!

NJCB Members, we need your help! It’s time to record a short video and explain why you are an NJCB Member. Yes, record your own video and we will be taking samples of select videos for use in a compilation that we’re working on to help the club and the craft beer community in NJ grow! So… get started and when you are finished either leave a comment with the link to the online footage or drop us a note and we’ll discuss how we can watch the video.

There are rules that need to be followed.

  1. Be truthful
  2. Be creative
  3. Be yourself
  4. Keep it short (30 seconds is a good timeframe)
  5. Showcase your love to NJ, beer and NJCB!
  6. HAVE FUN!

The owners of selected videos will be contacted when we make our choices and the final video that we edit will be featured on YouTube. Now go for it and thank you for supporting us!


OH yeah, we’ll be sending out various prizes to videos that we pick to use. Inquire by submitting videos.




*By recording and submitting a video to us, you allow us to use the content for future use on NJCB, YouTube and the Internet in general.*

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1 thought on “NJCB Members, a video call to action! FREE STUFF TOO!”

  1. Great idea! i’m going to work on this tonight! Although, I’ve already had two beers, so I’ll definitely wait to review it tomorrow before I post it anywhere…

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