NJCB Night at Cornerstone Kitchen & Tap

Jackson: Our annual beer night at Cornerstone is back! This time it ties into Cornerstone’s upcoming anniversary. Come on out on Thursday, August 12 starting at 6PM.

Join Team NJCB (after 6PM), brewery reps and the great staff at Cornerstone for a night of local New Jersey beer, great conversations, great food and a cool atmosphere. Team NJCB will be there after 7PM but feel free to come anytime for the killer beer selection and great time!

Tune in here for the forthcoming beer list from the following breweries. Look at some of these breweries that haven’t been on tap here (or many places) before.

  1. Old Hights – Gear Up
  2. Twin Lights – Shake
  3. Jersey Cyclone – Golden Hour
  4. Bolero – Weekend at Moothies
  5. Last Wave – Pomegranate Watermelon Sour
  6. Source – BA Watts for Breakfast
  7. Heavy Reel – Solipsistic Moods
  8. Conclave – Surrender to the Flow
  9. Twin Elephant – Quested
  10. Double Nickel – Ripe
  11. Hackensack – Musket Haze
  12. Eight and Sand – Zozzled
  13. The Seed – The More I Grow & As Simple as Home
  14. Ross Brewing – Local Summer
  15. Seven Sons – Katz un Maus (Blood Orange)
  16. 902 Brewing – Juicy City
  17. Icarus – Power Shaker
  18. Chimney Rustic Ales – Ethereal
  19. Cross Keys – Slippy Pete
  20. Alternate Ending – Alt End #2 & Gimme Some Sugar
  21. Muckraker – The Scarlet

RSVP on our Facebook event and we’ll see you at 21 South Hope Chapel Road in Jackson.

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