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NY Wing Factory

In Fort Lee, NY Wing Factory is partnering up with Team NJCB to present a fantastic night for NJCB Members and others who want to sample some great beers on the market. Mark your calendar for Friday, June 12 starting at 12PM. NJCB Members, your bill will have a 10% discount for the entire day. Below is what’s scheduled to be on tap along with brewery representation and Scott, Dave and I will be there (starting at 12PM) from Team NJCB with Memberships, shirts, hats and more.

According to NY Wing Factory, the opening lineup, starting at 12PM, includes 20 beers. We also listed the brewery reps and wholesalers below that too. Don’t worry, we were told that flights will be available so you don’t have to order tall pours of everything.

Here’s the lineup of what will be flowing.

Opening Lineup

  1. Angry Erik – 12:00 to taste
  2. Flying Fish – BA Exit 4 in Jim Beam barrels.
  3. Carton – SS Kentucky
  4. Forgotten Boardwalk – What the Butler Saw variant
  5. River Horse – Farmhouse Saison
  6. Beach Haus – Pilsner
  7. BOAKS – Flamethrower
  8. Brix City – Cheap Labor session IPA
  9. Cricket Hill – BBA Porter
  10. NJ Beer Co – Code Duello aka Weehawken Wee Heavy that’s been dry hopped. Unofficial name for this version of Wee Heavy is “Code Duello”, a nod to Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton dueling in Weehawken.
  11. Firestone Walker – Double DBA
  12. Magnify – Search Saison
  13. Free Will – Ralphius
  14. Clown Shoes – Garden State Rhapsody
  15. Southern Tier – 2012 Oat
  16. The Bruery – Humulus Lager
  17. Captain Lawrence – Pilot Batch Red IPA
  18. Heavy Seas – Blackbeard’s Breakfast
  19. Victory – Liberty Bell Ringer
  20. Terrapin – Krunkles Down Under

There will be 3 casks available.

  • Bolero Snort – TaBull Saison with strawberries and basil
  • 902 Brewing – SPF13 being tapped around 5pm
  • Yards – Philly Pale Ale with orange zest

and then each hour starting at 2PM, the following will be tapped on the hour.

  • 2PM – Smuttynose – Smuttlabs Apple Brandy Barrel Aged Gravitation. This beer has never left the brewery and is the only known keg in the world and is being tapped by the best Smuttynose employee ever, Pat!
  • 3PM – Stone – Xocoveza
  • 4PM – Carton – 077XX-07871 Mosaic hopped
  • 5PM – Firestone Walker – Velvet Merkin
  • 6PM – Kane – Mexican Brunch
  • 7PM – Founders – KBS
  • 8PM – North Coast – BA Old Rasputin
  • 9PM – Sam Adams – Oaked Dunkel

Here are the potential backup beers in a random order for when the above kick.

  1. Schmaltz – Bock Bock
  2. Brooklyn – Ridgy Didge
  3. Sam Adams – The Sphinx
  4. Dogfish Head – 120 Minute
  5. Weyerbacher  – Last Chance IPA with Apricots
  6. Great Lakes – Rally Drum
  7. Saranac – Pacific Galaxy DIPA
  8. Stone – BA Arrogant Bastard
  9. Flying Fish – Exit 3
  10. Harpoon Braggot Rights
  11. Free Will – Peach Lambic
  12. Forgotten Boardwalk – another variant of What The Butler Saw
  13. Free Will – Pixie’s Revenge
  14. Brooklyn – Hammarby Syndrome
  15. Schmaltz – She’Brew
  16. Clown Shoes – Brown Angel
  17. Erie – Witbier

RSVP on our Facebook event too and you will hear about the beers I’ll buy you for coming out. From wholesalers, the following will be there as well.

  • NJCB Night at NY Wing FactoryTodd from Hunterdon
  • Tim from Nash
  • Charlie from Peerless
  • Nick and/or Ryan from Kohler
  • Marty from Regal

Brewery reps include in no particular order. The bold names have promised they would be in attendance to me directly.

  • Pat from Victory
  • Dan from Captain Lawrence
  • Brian from BOAKS
  • Rick from Cricket Hill
  • Kris from Flying Fish
  • Doug from Carton
  • Glenn from Kane
  • Jamie from Forgotten Boardwalk
  • Erik and Heide from Angry Erik
  • Scott from Bolero Snort
  • Jacqui from Rinn Duin
  • Brownie from 902 Brewing
  • Kevin from NJ Beer Co
  • Maria from River Horse
  • JP from Beach Haus Brewery
  • Chris from North Coast
  • Pat from Smuttynose
  • Mike from Brooklyn Brewery
  • Gallagher from Yards
  • Steve from Clown Shoes
  • Zak from Schmaltz Brewing
  • Kate from Sam Adams
  • Jon from Southern Tier
  • Jeff from Terrapin
  • Holly from Saranac
  • Tim from Harpoon
  • Eric from Magnify
  • Donald from Erie

NJCB Members get 10% off your bill at NY Wing Factory, located at 1642 Schlosser Street in Fort Lee (Fort Lee Towne Center Shopping Center with plenty of parking above and below the restaurant).

Team NJCB will be there with NJCB Memberships (printed on location to instantly save 10%), hats, shirts and freebies too!

First 2 NJCB Members to introduce themselves to me at the event will get a beer on me.

– –

Use Uber, get a hotel and drink smart or rent a service! If you’d like a hotel, Joe from the bar secured the following 20 rooms.

Holiday Inn.  2339 State Rt. 4, Fort Lee,NJ 201-944-5000

It’s under  NY Wing Factory Code:: NYW. Hotel Contact: Randy. There is also shuttle service from 5-10PM according to Randy.

Call MyLimo, bus, taxi and car rental services. Call 800-624-6112 and provide account code NJCB to receive a discount automatically.

Here’s a map of where to park if you are driving

.slack_for_ios_uploadScreen Shot 2015-06-10 at 2.15.56 PM

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