NJCB Night at Mad Batter

Cape May: You keep asking for another NJCB organized event in the Atlantic / Cape May county area, so here we go. October 7 starting at 3PM, we’ll have around 20 New Jersey beers on tap including at least 1 cask plus brewery reps, Mike and other Members from Team NJCB, specials on beer and food for NJCB Members and some giveaways perhaps too. Consider getting a hotel and exploring the local breweries nearby on your way. If you live close, you know this event is especially for you!

I was talking to Kyle from Mad Batter and I promised him that I’ll do my best to get as many people out to the event as possible because, well, Cape May needs us! The breweries below have said they’ll be dropping off beers. I’ll update if the breweries will be attending as well. So this is your call to action. Come on out! I’ll (Mike) be there after 7PM. Here’s what’s going to be available so far.

  1. Bolero Snort – Cypress/Bolero Snort Love collaboration on tap.
  2. Brix City – Cheap Labor Pale Ale on tap
  3. Brotherton – Keith will be there. Cedar Wudder Red Ale on tap.
  4. Cape May – Three Plows and reps/brewery people
  5. Carton – Joe will be there. EGOIPA will be on tap.
  6. Dark City – Charrette Belgian Rye IPA and reps/brewery people
  7. Jughandle – 4057 DIPAon tap and reps/brewery people
  8. Kane – Mosaic Punch IPA on tap
  9. Ludlam Island – Worldliness of Mankind & cask tbd and reps/brewery people
  10. Slack Tide – Bucktail Brown Ale on tap
  11. Tuckahoe – I Want to See Mountains
  12. Glasstown – Breakfast Coffee Maple Porter and rumor is Paul and Jen from Glasstown will be there!
  13. Flying Fish – Jersey Juice
  14. Double Nickel – Drew, head brewer, will be there and D.N.A Series Batch #2 Wet Hopped IPA w/ Jersey Hops & Honey
  15. Magnify – Flavor Waiver IPA
  16. Alementary – Kardigan Altbier
  17. Demented – Tom Yum Bier
  18. Pinelands – Swamp Donkey
  19. ???
  20. ???

Kyle said they’ll be serving beers starting at 3PM and food until 10PM, bar will be open until midnight, and we will have live music. We are working on outdoor space too! Stay tuned for updates!

Follow along on the Facebook event and RSVP in the comments and the event. Mad Batter can be found at 19 Jackson Street, Cape May, online, on Facebook and Twitter too.  NJCB Members, bring those cards and get $1 off craft beer except during happy hour!

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