NJCB Winter Beer Night at Northside Lounge

Manville: Join Team NJCB, Gallagaher from Yards, John (former NJCB Rep) from Two Roads, Danielle from Neshaminy Creek, Jenna from River Horse, Hunterdon reps , Casey owner of Northside and Doug from Brooks Brewery for a night of lovely winter beers at Northside Lounge.

After all these years Northside has been a NJCB Partner, we are finally throwing an event together to celebrate winter. Set your calendars for Wednesday, November 30 starting at 5PM! Come hang out with me (Mike) and the people mentioned above and bring your appetite for delicious beer with some people who care about beer as much as we do.

The beer list is here!

  • Neshaminy Creek JAWN
  • Neshaminy Creek Dunkelweizen
  • Neshaminy Creek Punkless Dunkel
  • Neshaminy Creek Shape of Hops to Come
  • River Horse Tripel Horse
  • River Horse Special Ale
  • River Horse Belgian Freeze
  • River Horse Mint and Vanilla Oatmeal Milk Stout on cask
  • Two Roads Route to All Evil
  • Two Roads Holiday Ale 
  • Two Roads Expressway
  • Two Roads Geyser Gose
  • Yards Nitro Love Stout 
  • Yards Poor Richard’s Tavern Spruce
  • Yards Washington’s Reserve
  • Yards Coffee Brawler on cask

RSVP in the comments or on Facebook! Northside Lounge/Brooks Brewery is located at 100 Brooks Boulevard in Manville and online.  NJCB Members benefit from 10% off all purchases.


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