Ocean County Homebrew Club

Joe from the newly formed Ocean County Homebrew Club sent over the following.

I ‘m the current President of Ocean County Home Brewers club. I was talking to Jason, the head brewer at Rinn Duin, recently and he told me I should get in touch with you guys and girls to maybe help spread the word. We’re still in our fledgling phases but new members are always a good thing. Between all of our members we have well over 50 years of experience and it’s the only club in the ocean county area to my knowledge. We’re planning on having events in the future and currently having our first in-club brewing competition.

We meet every second Tuesday of the month at the Tipperary Pub in Lakehurst (NJCB friendly!) starting around 7:30pm in the Whiskey Room.

You can also like our page on Facebook. Ocean County Home Brewers: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ocean-County-Home-Brewers/124612794395862?ref=stream

You can also follow them on Twitter at @OCHomebrewClub! Visit Tipperary Pub online, Twitter, Facebook or in person at 2313 Highway 547, Lakehurst.

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