Oktoberfest at Blue Monkey Tavern

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Despite the fact that there was still one more week left in September, the Blue Monkey Tavern decided this was as good a time as any to host its Oktoberfest. This party with a purpose kicked off promptly at 5pm, with people lined up as early as 30 minutes prior to start. There was music and food for those in attendance, but the star of this show was one thing and one thing only, the beer. Over 30 different craft beer taps were lined up like soldiers ready to combat the thirsty mobs. The staff and volunteers manning these taps were also equal to the task. Very early it was clear that Halil and his crew were ready to put on an amazing event on this early Fall Saturday night. After just one hour into the celebration, the crowd doubled in size but, the beer still flowed strong. Wave after wave of people packed the street behind the tavern in what looked the block party of the year. At 7pm as darkness fell on the event, the street lights came on which seemed to further energize the crowd (or was it the 2 hours of drinking?).  With 30 minutes left in the event, people could be seen checking their notes to see what they liked best, and proceeded to make their final journey down the craft beer gauntlet. Shortly thereafter, the emcee announced that things were far from over because there was an after party planned inside the tavern once the Oktoberfest ended. As Oktoberfest cooled down, the after party heated up. The inside was packed with folks from the Oktoberfest, looking to sober up(well, some of them) inside the Tavern and enjoy the many creations from the Blue Monkey Tavern’s menu.

If you were fortunate enough to be in attendance for this event, check out the NJCB photo gallery of Joe Norris’ pictures taken at this event, you might see yourself. If you were not among those fortunate  enough to attend, check out the photos anyway, don’t worry if you really missed out on a great time.



Blue Monkey Tavern is located at 2 S. Centre Street in Merchantville.

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