Other Half Brewing Stout Season Barrel Aged Bottle Sale

Haskell: Joseph from Kitchen & Beer Bar sent information about Other Half Brewing Stout Season Barrel Aged Bottle Sale scheduled for Saturday, November 25 2023 from 12:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Joseph says…

We will have on sale the largest selection of Other Half Brewing Barrel Aged Stouts ever in NJ.

Christmas has come to Haskell early for all our craft beer enthusiast!

We’re happy once again for the opportunity to offer simply the best beers possible to all our loyal guest.

“While the thought of a stout might transport you to a quaint pub in Ireland or England, stouts at Other Half are more likely to make you think of a candy factory. We’ve taken this style and amped it up to 100, raising the alcohol content into the double digits, barrel aging in your favorite spirits barrels, and adding the craziest flavors you can think of – from banana, to coconut, to cereal, and beyond. Once you try one of our stouts, you’ll never think of stouts the same again.”


Liquid Gold:
Barrel Aged Velvet Magnum *Burial Collaboration (2023 Release) – Imperial Pastry Stout15%
Macadamia coconut squares imperial stout with macaroon cut coconut, Tahitian vanilla, Macadamia nuts, coffee and cinnamon

Barrel Aged All DC 3rd Anniversary Everything (2023 Release) – Imperial Pastry Stout 14.4%
A big bourbon barrel aged imperial stout with peanuts, cacao nibs, vanilla, marshmallow and graham crackers. Happy 3rd Anniversary to our DC team and customers

Barrel Aged Les Patisseries (2022 Release) – Imperial Stout 14%
A bourbon barrel aged imperial stout conditioned with delicious vanilla and pistachios. All is well until they try to knife you at the end.

Barrel Aged Deep Orbit Vega (2022 Release) – Imperial Pastry Stout 15%
Deep Orbit is back and this time we crushed it with chocolate sandwich cookies AND barrel aged it. So yeah, it tastes like Oreos dunked in imperial stout

Barrel Aged All 3rd Everything (2023 Release) – Imperial Stout 15%
For this year’s Other Half FLX Anniversary stout, we started with a base blend of imperial stouts aged a minimum of 17-months in bourbon barrels. Then, we loading it up with coffee from Rochester’s own @aporiacoffeeco, tons of coconut, and a balanced amount of cinnamon for a coconut coffee cinnamon swirl imperial stout

Barrel Aged Triple Drupe *Horras Aged Ales Collaboration (2022 Release) – Imperiall Pastry Stout 14%
Bourbon-barrel-aged imperial stout with cacao nibs, pecans, and coconut. Our collab with our buddy Kyle from @horusagedales is back and this time with an even heavier dose of adjuncts. More nibs, more coconut, and more pecans.

Barrel Aged Coconut Pistachio Cheesecake *Southern Grist Collaboration (2023 Release) – Imperial Pastry Stout 14.4%
This classic cheesecake stout with our friends at Southern Grist is finally back in bourbon BA form. Packed with toasted coconut and pistachios

Barrel Aged Double Sunset – Cloud Cover Pacayal Las Flores Natalie Pineda (2023 Release) -Imperial Stout 14.4%
Our bourbon barrel aged coffee focused Imperial Stout dosed with our very own Cloud Cover Coffee and vanilla. We selected Honduran grown Pacayal Las Flores Natalie Pineda that has notes of sweet breads, caramel and some green apple.

Barrel Aged Illa – Comoros + Tanzania (2023 Release) – Imperial Stout 14.4%
Our bourbon BA imperial stout focused on big doses of vanilla. The varieties rotate to show off the best different regions have to offer in vanilla flavors and aromas. This version is a blend of Tanzanian and Comoros vanillas. Comoros is nestled between Mozambique and Madagascar in the Indian Ocean and produces vanilla with creamy marshmallow and chocolate notes while the Tanzanian has more of a deep creamy traditional vanilla character and cacao.

Barrel Aged Those Who Drank Beer Will Thank Beer *Evil Twin Collaboration (2023 Release) – Imperial Pastry Stout 14%
We love this orange coconut macaroon imperial stout we concieved of with our pals at Evil Twin. Subtle orange notes play perfectly with the coconut, macadamia nuts and vanilla plus the addition of barrel and bourbon character from barrel aging for 18-24 months

These bottles are being sold on 1st come 1st serve basis.

When they’re gone, they’re gone!

See you soon!

More information can be found at at this link.

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