Ott’s Bottle Shop Medford growler deal with Sixpoint and a tap list.

Ott's Bottle Shop Medford

Ott’s is making room in their growler station for new kegs.  Sixpoint growler fills are on sale.

Here’s what’s on tap currently as of yesterday, October 17.

Allagash Four

Four + Punk’n

Sixpoint Autumnation

River Horse Hipp-O-Lantern

Flying Fish Oktoberfest

Flying Fish Hopfish IPA

Sixpoint Sweet Action

Sixpoint Spice of Life

Cricket Hill Dubbel

Ott’s Bottle Shop is located at 656 Stokes Rd Medford and online.

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2 thoughts on “Ott’s Bottle Shop Medford growler deal with Sixpoint and a tap list.”

  1. Mike:
    They're out of Autumnation and the Spice of Life growlers are $7.49. I didn't see the Sweet Action and not sure I saw the Fish selections, either. They have a Dogfish Head but can't recall exactly which (Red & Black/White?). Just returned from there with a full Spice of Life growler! Thanks!

  2. Update from Ott's in on Facebook and copied below

    Just tapped Dogfish Head Chateau Jiah and Shiner Octoberfest

    Ott's Medford SixPoint Spice of Life $7.49, Weyerbacher Harvest Ale $13.99,
    Four Plus Pumpkin $14.99, Riverhorse Hippolantern $10.99,
    Cricket Hill Dubbell $11.99, Dogfish Head Chateau Jiah $24.99
    Allagash Four $22.99, Flying Fish Hopfish IPA $9.99,
    Shiner Octoberfest $9.99

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