Paint the town RED, a Flying Fish crawl in New Brunswick

On March 30, Flying Fish is painting New Brunswick RED with Exit 3 and rare kegs from the brewery. Here’s what we know from the Flying Fish rep, Kris.

  • Brother Jimmys (6-7PM) will have Exit 3
  • World of Beer (7-8PM) will have a surprise barrel aged beer, Red Fish, Exit 3 and Exit 4 and special appetizer pairing.
  • George Street Ale House (8-9PM) will have as urprise barrel aged beer and Exit 3, Red Fish and Exit 16
  • Old Bay (9-10PM) will have Red Fish, Exit 1, Exit 3, and Exit 16.

The following beer people will be hanging around New Brunswick drinking good beer.

  • Kris, Andy and Barry (the brewer) from Flying Fish
  • various Shore Point Distributor friends including Gary Rosen
  • Tara and the Beer for Babes
  • and various Team NJCB reps

More details as it unfolds… and of course, NJCB Members save at WOB, GSAH and Old Bay.

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8 thoughts on “Paint the town RED, a Flying Fish crawl in New Brunswick”

    1. Yes, it is a Monday. It will be good and the first Barrel Aged Flying Fish brews hitting the market. Each location will have a different style aged in various Barrels as well as food pairings with the style the bars choose.

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