Pi Brewing kickstarter

Hillsborough: Ryan from Pi Brewing sent us over a note about his Kickstarter. Here’s what he sent.

Pi is officially launching the Pi Brewing Company Kickstarter project today! We are inviting the public to get involved in the business by offering some great rewards for backing our little Central Jersey beer company. Help Pi by signing up to be a Pi beta tester, design a seasonal beer or brew with the brew master for the day to name a few! Stop in and order t-shirts, sweat shirts, glasses and other great merchandise! We have a variety of ways listed for you to show support for Pi movement. CEO Ryan Green is a craft beer aficionado that wants nothing more than to produce a great beer and share it with you. Pi Brewing Company needs your help to open the doors to the public and start distributing product to a wider market. Pi does not exist without the support of the craft beer drinking community; help us get Pi beer into your hands today!

Check out our Kickstarter page using the following link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1163784318/pi-brewing-company

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