Portsmith Co contest and NJCB Members now save too!

The online retailer and makers of CNCH Wallet and more Fulcro opener, Portsmith Co., have joined into the NJCB Membership Club. According to their Facebook page. Portsmith Co is all about beer and crafting goods. Here’s what they say!


To rekindle the spirit of craftsmanship by designing handsomely crafted goods that make your life better.

Company Overview

At Portsmith Co. we craft with purpose and passion, hand and heart! Our mission is simple: to rekindle the spirit of craftsmanship by designing handsomely crafted goods that make your life better. Humbly working with our hands alongside amazing artisans and tradesmen we are able to combine raw materials, time, and care and transform it into something greater. As well as offer an evolving selection of thoughtfully curated provisions beautifully crafted for travel, work and living that fuses traditional craftsmanship with the modern. We are excited to share our love of all things crafted with you!

Now it’s your chance to win a Fulcro and CNCH! Simply do the following steps and leave your comment below stating what beer you will open with the Fulco on it’s first journey!
  1. Follow NJCB and Portsmith Co. on Twitter
  2. Like NJCB and Portsmith Co. on Facebook
  3. Follow NJCB and Portsmith Co. on Instagram

Here are the contest rules.

  • You must be a 2014 NJCB Member. Leave your name correctly spelled for verification based on the email entered.
  • You must leave a comment on newjerseycraftbeer.com. Other entries will not count.
  • Winner will be picked at random by my son pointing at the various names. He’s two years old so it’s literally pointing at a document that I’ll create with the entrants names.
  • Winner can not have won anything from NJCB in 2014 thus far.
  • Tweet us and let us and Portsmith Co. and let us know you love the contest!
  • Contest runs from February 14 until February 18 and comments will be closed at 8PM and winners picked the following morning.

Now if you don’t win, well, you can still save 20% on your order! Read this for details on how!

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8 thoughts on “Portsmith Co contest and NJCB Members now save too!”

  1. Hmm, if I were to win. . . I suppose I’d crack open a New Glarus Two Women, or a local NJ beer I stumble upon at some point.

  2. I’m giving this a contest a shot because after buying a Fulcro as a gift for my friend and seeing it in action, I’d love to have my own.

    1. Looks like I missed the part about stating what beer I’d baptize my Fulcro with too, so if I were to win, I’d celebrate with a Founders Breakfast Stout.

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