Refund and Returns Policy

To enroll in the Club, there is a fee. This fee will be charged upon enrollment on the day you sign up. Starting in 2016 and if using the subscription service, your credit card will be automatically charged with payment on November 15 each year or until you terminate your Membership. If you change your address, credit card, or billing information, you can sign into your account to modify that information.

See Subscriptions below. Our Merchant ID for Stripe (credit cards on the NJCB store) orders may contain the NJCB_CCDLLC. Please check your statements for verification. Subscribers create an account allowing you to modify email, banking and mailing information upon checkout of the subscription.

We do not offer refunds on NJCB Memberships or merchandise. More payment and refund information about our SubscriptionsSpouse Subscriptions and Gifts are on those NJCB Store product listings.

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