NJCB Membership Subscription and Renewal

Become a NJCB Member for $25 and your Membership subscription will renew at $25 every November 15 for use in the following year. NJCB Memberships are valid from January 1 to December 31 regardless of when you first join. Your Membership Card will be printed and shipped to you according to the posted schedule. Important information is below.

First payment: November 15, 2024

To join the Club, it’s $25. You will be automatically renewed with a payment of $25 on November 15 every year. Each year your Membership is valid from January 1 to December 31 regardless of when you initially join the Club.

Example – Enroll today for $25, you will be issued a 2024 Membership and will have it mailed out starting late November . On November 15, 2024, you will be charged for 2024’s Membership, which you will have by the start of 2025.

PAYMENTS: To enroll in the Club, it’s $25. This fee will be charged upon enrollment on the day you sign up. Your credit card will be automatically charged with payment of $25 on November 15 each year or until you terminate your Membership. If you change your address, credit card, or billing information, you can sign into your account to modify that information. See Subscriptions below.

In the summer 2016, we introduced a discounted enrollment fee for first time Members that Subscribe. The reduced rate using coupon codes will renew automatically at $25 as stated when enrolling. Each summer thereafter we continued the reduced rate coupon until the following year Membership is available. The discount coupon code will appear in the Store’s notification when it is available.

RENEWALS: The automatic renewal process will start every year at 12:01AM on November 15. The automatic service does rely on your billing information and credit card to be valid. If the order fails, you will be notified that the payment failed via email 5 times for it to be corrected by following the email links. Once corrected, the system will try to charge you again to process the order. You’ll be emailed once it clears or if it continues to fail. Update your account if you change your address or credit cards at anytime. The Store will attempt to process the payment 5 times automatically. If it fails, it will put your account on hold and will not attempt to renew until action is taken manually by you.

VALIDITY: Your NJCB Memberships are valid from January 1 through December 31 of the year printed on the Card and are only valid for the NJCB Member listed on the card. This subscription will automatically renew yearly with a new unique Membership Card being mailed after your payment has been processed.

PRINTING: 2024 Memberships print weekly on Wednesdays and shipped on Thursdays. 2025 Memberships will be printed daily starting November 16 until December 20. After January, they are printed weekly on Wednesdays at 8PM. Orders that are received by 11:59PM on Tuesdays will be printed Wednesday and mailed Thursdays. Infrequently, we change the weekly printing schedule, visit our calendar for updates.

SHIPPING: We ship Membership Cards directly to the Member using USPS. They come in plain white envelopes with a yellow shipping label and the NJCB name/address in the return address area. Be sure to double check your mailing address for spelling and data accuracy when you order and make changes to your account if there are issues. If the Membership Card is returned as undeliverable, we will attempt to contact you by email to secure additional details for another attempt at delivery. Shipping of 2024 Memberships will start on November 20. At certain events, Membership Cards may be available for pickup on a limited basis. These events will be listed in advance and in-person Membership Card pickup is only possible when prearranged. Contact Team NJCB for more information.

SUBSCRIPTIONS: Subscribers create an account allowing you to modify email, banking and mailing information upon checkout of the subscription. Subscribers may be eligible for additional unique offers throughout the year, stay tuned to the website, newsletter, and app for more details! You can cancel your subscription if you’d like. See Termination below. We have help available as well. Click to find out how to update and make changes to your account.

SHARED SPOUSE MEMBERSHIPS: Shared Spouse Memberships can be found here. We can not convert a single subscription to a spouse subscription. Contact for details on how we can help. Include order numbers, NJCB IDs and emails of existing Members to make it easier.

EXCLUSIVE CONTENT: Your NJCB login will provide you with access to exclusive content and incentives.

TERMINATION / CANCELLATION OF SERVICE / REFUNDS: You have to terminate / cancel your subscription through your NJCB Account, we ARE NOT able to cancel it for you. Subscription cancellations will cancel your renewal for the following year, but will not result in a prorated refund. Your current Membership Card will continue to be valid through December 31 of the listed year. You can cancel from within your account on the website. You will be removed from the NJCB Members Only Group within a week of cancellation. You’ll be active on the email system and the discounts through the Club until December 31.

Unfortunately, New Jersey Craft Beer is unable to offer refunds after the charge has been successfully processed. Knowing that we are unable to offer refunds, we sent notices regarding the renewal date 60 days, 30 days, a week and 24 hours prior to renewal to each member’s registered email address, in addition to posting numerous reminders on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

FIRST TIME MEMBER: If you become a NJCB Member for the first time between November 25 and December 16, you will be sent the current year Membership as well as the next year’s Membership included in your order as a complimentary bonus, allowing you to utilize the benefits of Membership. We will print current and future Memberships at the same time and ship them together. Notify us in the ORDER NOTES section when ordering that you are first time NJCB Member. This is only for subscribers not gifts.

PREVIOUS MEMBERS: This service was introduced to make it easier for NJCB Members to keep their Memberships updated and align Members to a printing schedule to get them to you before the start of the new year. Any previous NJCB Members (2011-2015) that ordered with us online or in the past before November 16, 2015 will need to use this system to process their Membership.

GIFTS: For Gift Memberships use our gift ordering service. Gift memberships can be sent directly to the gift recipient or can be sent to the gift giver to personalize and hand deliver.

ROADMAP: We will be adding more exclusives for NJCB Members including exclusive beer releases, collaborations, release events and more live stream interactive video conversations. We’ll be adding more content for other craft beverage producers too.

EMAILS: The email address used to place the order will be emailed a receipt and relevant printing/shipping information. Please do not reply to the automatic email, rather contact us with questions. Emails will be generated from our store email address from the newjerseycraftbeer.com domain. Be sure to check your junk email for things that may have slipped into it.

LEGAL: Our terms and conditions are simple for the Membership Club. The subscription will automatically renew at the end of each term for a further term of 1 year unless either party (you or NJCB) gives the other written electronic notice of termination at least 10 days prior to the end of the relevant term. See termination above.

  • Membership discounts are subject to change and may not be combined with other offers such as happy hour, sale items, exclusions or with other coupons unless otherwise stated.
  • Membership price is subject to change with 30 days notice or email notification by September 30 of the preceding Membership year.
  • By using this card, the cardholder agrees to the terms and conditions of New Jersey Craft Beer & our NJCB Business Partners.
  • Each card is valid ONLY for the specific NJCB Member printed on their Membership Card.
  • We are not responsible for lost, misplaced or stolen cards, but we may elect to replace your Card under certain circumstances. Contact us to inquire if you can not find yours.
  • You can cancel your subscription from your account (see Termination of Service, above). Contact us if you need help. There are no (pro-rated or regular) refunds issued for Memberships, your card will continue to be valid through December 31 of the year listed on the card. Although you may lose certain benefits on the website or social sites associated with NJCB for Members.
  • NJCB Members drink responsibly, do not drink and drive.
  • NJCB Members must be 21 years of age or older.

Visit the New Jersey Craft Beer ® Membership Club page for details on the amazing discounts that our NJCB Business Partners are offering.

5 reviews for NJCB Membership Subscription and Renewal

  1. Tommy

    I love being a NJCB Member. Not just because of the discounts either. The friends I’ve made, the beer I’ve tried and yes, saving $250+ last year helped too!

  2. Jack

    Have had this Membership for years make your money back and save more easy! Also a great way to stay in touch with New Jersey Craft Beer events!

  3. Sean

    As a beer lover, you can’t get a better deal – just close these reviews and order. I usually pay for my membership with the discounts pretty quick each year and then everything after that is icing on the cake (all the emails with cool events, etc.).

  4. Randall

    The best club in all the land!!! If you like beer, then this club is for you…if you love beer…then YOU NEED THIS!! Join now and thank me later!!

  5. rob1

    This is an investment. You’ll save real money, have access to choice member events, and meet new people. Worth every penny.

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