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A loyal NJCB Member, Bhavik Patel, sent over this information about his petition to revise the law on growler fills in New Jersey

The main reason we are trying to get this change is, to allow all licenses to fill and sell growlers, current law only allows very few to do so. With the addition of growler stations to a number of retailers would increase not only sales but the taxes derived from the additional purchases. Encourages more diversity of choice not to mention reduces the amount of bottles and cans that may or may not be recycled. Current state alcohol rules are outdated prohibition era nonsense which allows bordering states advantage over ours. More growler fill locations means better prices for consumers due to competition. Finally With the insurgence of interest in craft beer, the changing of this law creates a wonderful opportunity for start-up breweries to get their product out on the market.

For me i love having a growler in the fridge to drink instead of having to deal with all the bottles and cans as well as taking them all outside to recycling, but having no place within a 20 minute drive prevents me from doing so.

and from the petition…

This petition is to request the State of NJ government and NJ Alcohol and Beverage Control to allow growler fills at all Licensed premises with the following liquor licensees(Type 33. (“C”), Type 32. (Broad “C”), and Type 44. (“D”)), the ability to fill and sell reusable growlers of beer and wine to go in sealable containers. Said containers are to have tamper evident seals, as well as Federal Government alcohol warning, and must be taken and consumed off premises.

Read more about Bhavik’s petition and sign it if you’d like!

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  1. Growler fills are a green approach to the consumption of a beverage that deserves to be represented in its best light (not lite beer) Fresh beer is akin to fresh fruit and vegetables; it’s just plain better that way,Give us our beer and our daily bread and we want it now!

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